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Thursday, September 28, 2017

5 Ways to Get Bitcoin Fast, Easy and Reliable

 This is 5 Ways to Get Bitcoin

Bitcoin to date still exists as cryptocurrency at the highest price This is why so many people in droves want to get bitcoin. In addition to the price is indeed expensive, Bitcoin can also be used as a business field because the price is up and down over time.
Actually a lot of ways to get bitcoin, but in this article I will explain the 5 best ways to get bitcoin.

1. Bitcoin Faucet

What is a bitcoin Faucet?

Bitcoin's Faucet is a web that gives free bitcoins, this is one of the right ways to get bitcoin for free, but the range will be fraud / scam (not paying). You just need to enter the bitcoin address and type chapta, BTC is sent directly to your wallet (some faucet sites set a certain amount to send).
Bitcoin free of this can be obtained periodically, there are 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours and even there is only 1 time a day.

2. Cloud Mining

What is Cloud Mining?

Cloud Mining is a service provider to be able to mine Bitcoin. With this service, Bitcoin users can purchase contracts to rent devices owned by those who provide cloud mining services with a certain period of time.
By purchasing this contract mining, Bitcoin users do not have to bother anymore to take care of the device or buy their own mining equipment. Generally, the contract mining is in the form of shares or share per GHS.

3. Bitcoin Mining

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is the second way to get Bitcoin. To be able to do Bitcoin mining, requires a sophisticated computer called Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). This computer is used to search for new coins by helping the process of Bitcoin transactions worldwide.
But in reality it is not that easy to get bitcoin, there are many people and organizations that mine Bitcoin, so if only with ordinary computer then it is something that is in vain.

4. Buy on Bitcoin Exchange

By buying bitcoin directly by exchanging official currency with Bitcoin on Bitcoin exchange.
This is an early stage that is generally done by beginners, and I also recommend you start at this stage to get bitcoin.

How to buy Bitcoin?

Before buying Bitcoin, of course, you must have a storage place first, this is often called a Bitcoin Wallet.
Please create a bitcoin wallet / wallet first, by registering bitcoin exchange account.

5. PTC & CPM Bitcoin

 Paid To Click (PTC) is a website that provides business programs / work on the internet. With this method, you'll get paid each time someone clicks on the ad section.Cost per Impression (CPM) is the cost per 1,000 ad impressions. This means you will get paid when people see your ad.Getting bitcoin by being an ad publisher or an ad publisher, you must have a website / blog.

Later you register your web / blog url to services that provide CPC & CPM Ads Bitcoin.Currently the trusted site to get bitcoin by displaying ads is Anonymous Ads.If you have a blog / web this way you can get bitcoin, to get started please list Anonymous Ads account.

The site above has long been famous, with motto "Ads that respect your privacy". So we do not need to register anything, just address bitcoin and url web / blog we register, Then put ads on the web / blog, its payment system is CPC & CPM.Similarly Articles How to Get Bitcoin Fast, Easy and Reliable Until now, hopefully be a reference and useful. Please leave your criticism and suggestions in the comment field below.Most popular search for Bitcoin Fasthow to get free bitcoin quickly 2017how fast can be automatic bitcoinhow can bitcoin in androidhow fast can bitcoin 2017speedminerhow to get bitcoin in blockchainthe largest free bitcoinhow to get free bitcoin 2017.

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