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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Get to know Google Adsense. Special Beginners

We often hear about Google Adsense. Many people feel curious about Google Adsense known as "money machine" is. Already many success stories of people who run this business. Are you interested and want to try your luck?

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsence is one of Google's many popular programs because it promises to increase revenue for its members. An advertising service program provided by Google, blog or web owners will be paid for displaying Google ads.

How is Google Adsense Publisher Revenue Potential?

The amount of revenue received based on the number of visitors clicks on ads. The Adsense publisher knows the term pay per click (PPC) payment method in accordance with the number of clicks on ads placed on the blog / website. The amount of commission received depends on the type of ads placed on the blog / web. Ads will be placed according to the content / contents of the site by Google Parties. If the blog content about beauty, then the ads will be displayed on the blog is also related to the field of beauty.

The pay per click (PPC) price is determined by the advertiser. Advertisers can pay more for each click. In some sites, publishers are also familiar with niche site terms. Niche sites are sites with certain keywords. It is influenced by the keywords contained in the blog. Each keyword is priced respectively by the advertiser. For high value keywords, it is often called High Paying Keyword (HPK). For example in a beauty blog, beautiful keywords can earn $ 0.5 per click. In contrast to tourism keywords that can earn 30 dollars per click.

For example the site we created has been visited 2000 people per day. What is the approximate income we can receive for 1 month? If there are 10% of visitors who click on a commission of 1 dollar per click, 200 dollars / day can we get. If we calculate the monthly income, 6000 million per month we can get. Revenue we will receive is not it?

How to Become a Google Adsense Publisher?

To follow this program, having a website / blog is the first step that we can prepare. The website / blog is a medium where ads are displayed. Like a merchant who has a store to display his or her merchandise, so does an adsense publisher having a blog / web site as a medium for placing ads. The site you create should have a specific topic / niche.

Here are the steps to create adsense blog:

Register your Blog at
Determine the niche blog that will be created, for example: health, music and technology
Post 10-20 articles according to the niche you have selected.
After that, you can register Google Adsense. Google will make an assessment on your site. If your site meets Google Adsense criteria, then Google will inform you.

If submission is accepted, Google will instruct you to post ads to the blog as a second review. If the blog has been approve again, you can add and put ads in blog.

The next step is to bring visitors. Without our visitors will never get a commission, we will only be paid if every visitor to click on the ads on our blog / web. The more visitors your blog, the higher the possibility of ads on clicks, the more we receive the commission.

The main key to our blog crowded visitors is to make every effort to enrich our blog content with useful articles. Avoid acts of pursuing traffic in unhealthy ways. Use the technique of finding blog traffic in a healthy way.

If you want to do internet business, this is the time! All you need is perseverance and hard work to get maximum results. Success is not obtained in an easy and fast way. To achieve success, must have unyielding nature. With Google Adsense, efforts to achieve success are not as difficult as imagined. Good luck.

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