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Sunday, October 8, 2017

18 List of Free Bitcoin Website 2017 - Mining, Faucet, View Ads, Game, PPC Site, and Apk Android

This 15 List of Free Bitcoin 2017 Legit and Proven Pays (Update)Bitcoin is now being hunted by all circles. Both the adult to the easy to follow look for it. Many ways to get Bitcoin.  Good by way of Deposit to get Bitcoin for free.

Price 1 Bitcoin is now soaring that is the range 4,352.60 USD when this article is posted. Considering the price of 1 bitcoin is not more than 1 USD. Such circumstances certainly make a lot of people or individuals who give Free Bitcoin or bitcoin free. But to get free bitcoin is not as easy as turning the palm of the telangan.

To get Bitcoin for free of course we have to do a job or a particular mission that has been determined and set by the website. If we have done the mission then as a wage or payment we will get free Bitcoin. Get Free Btc not only done with via laptop only but also can with via android phone. Free Btc android is usually easier to play because of its small and simple so that we can get Free btc anywhere.

Many Types to get free bitcoin from free bitcoin by way of faucet, free bitcoin by way of mining, free bitcoin by playing games, free bitcoin by clicking ads, to free bitcoin by way of advertising on your site. Well on this occasion I will share some sites that share free bitcoin for free alias for free.

But before doing a bitcoin search, make sure you already have a Bitcoin Wallet or a Bitcoin Wallet as a shelter for all our bitcoins. If you do not have one please read the article about the Best and Reliable Bitcoin Wallet List and how to register.
Here's a list of FreeBitcoin 2017 Legit and Proven Paying sites:
  • Free Bitcoin Mining

1. AdsOK

The first free Bitcoin site is AdsOK, its auto mining system. So we do not have to do anything

If you register Free Bitcoin mining on this one, you will get $ 25 and automatically enter first capital play (auto deposit)

When I first registered Profit very slowly per day I get $ 0.01- $ 0.02

But over time my profit faster, per day I get $ 0.15- $ 0.20 Not bad right.


The next free Bitcoin Mining site is Automining, free bitcoin mining also runs automatically. Minimum Withdraw 0.005 Btc.

3. Micro BTC

The third Free Bitcoin Mining is Micro BTC, when you register you will get 15Kh / S immediately.

4. 1-Hash

This is the fourth Free Bitcoin Mining I highly recommend. When registering we will immediately get a bonus of 0.005 and go straight into the deposit.
The next game is very easy. every day we just visit the site only.
Every day we will get Bitcoin of 0.000035714.
To earn a larger income we can make a deposit.
The larger the deposit we make the greater the income that we will get every day.

5. Nanohash

Well the next latest update is nanohas. This site is quite new in the know, but has been proven and not a scam.
When registering we will instantly get 15 kh / s
Every day we will get a profit of $ 0.16 each month we will get a profit of $ 4.19
Well just like the mining sites above, nanohash is an auto mining.
To withdraw, the minimum is $ 1, easy is not it ?
  • Free Bitcoin Faucet
1. Trust BTC Click

Claim Free Bitcoins Every 5 minutes is a trusted free bitcoin faucet site since July 2016.

Earn 3 to 888 satoshi every 5 minutes. 50% lifetime commission.

2. Auto Faucet

The second Free Bitcoin Faucet has Auto Faucet, one of the free bitcoin faucet sites I like very much. In this Auto Faucet we will get Free BTC Every 10 Minute.Every 10 Minutes we will get 130 satoshi. Minimum wd (withdraw) on this site 0.01 BTC.


 Free Bitcoin Faucet this one is very popular, I'm sure you bitcoin hunters will already know this site.This site will give us Free Bitcoin Every Hour. Btc which we will be able to hourly range 0.0000082 Not bad right.

Not just a faucet site, this one site also gives lottery and game access so we can get additional BTC.

4. Bitcoin Bonus

Free Bitcoin Faucet in the third place is a Bitcoin Bonus. The amount we can get is quite big. Every 15 minutes we will get up to 5000 satoshi.

Not just a faucet. In Bonit Bitcoin you can also play roll dice and answer surveys to increase the amount of bitcoin you have.
  • Free Bitcoin View Ads

1. BTC Click

Free Bitcoin View Ads first there is BTC Click. This site has been guaranteed legit because it has a lot of wd proof. minimum wd at btc click 0.1 mBTC. In addition, every day ads that we can get a lot.

Free Bitcoin View Ads are both yaoti CoinBulb. Just like btc click this site do not doubt, already a lot of wd proof and this site is very legit.The value of bitcoin we get for perkliknya bigger than Btc Click.

  • Free Bitcoin Game

1. Pocket Dice

Free Bitcoin The first game is Pocket dice. Games contained in this site in the form of roll dice, not only that, here is also available Risk where the task is to guess the numbers.Minimum withdraw from this site is 0.5 mBTC.Every 30 Minutes you will get an additional capital of 1000 Satoshi.

2. Coin Express

Free Bitcoin The second game is CoinExpress, every hour we will get Free Bitcoin of 0.00001250 BTC. The games contained here are roll dice, hi lo, refer, snake, etc.

3. GameFaucet

Free Bitcoin game that is 3 Game Faucet. Games contained here is not an ordinary game, a lot of exciting games that have good graphics.In addition there is also a menu here faucet loh, delicious again no faucet here no limit.

4. TrueFlip

Free Bitcoin Game this one is very popular, legir, and reliable what else if not True FlipThe method of playing games here is also quite simple that just guess the numbers.If the numbers we guess are correct then we will get Free Bitcoin.
  • Free Bitcoin Website Ads
1. A-ads

Excess A-ads (Anonymous Ads) is an easy way to become a publisher. Easy registration process without providing personal data such as email address and phone number. You simply enter the bitcoin address you have. In addition, advertising displays vary from words and images. Pay out automatically after the balance obtained reach 0.0001 BTC. A very small minimum withdrawal allows POs every day.


2. AdsTrooper

Free Bitcoin The first AdsTrooper website ad is still new, although the new site is legit and not a scam.

Amazingly again when registering on this site we will immediately get a bonus of $ 10. Not bad.
3. Coinzilla

Free Bitcoin advertising the second website is Coinzilla. the ads displayed are very responsive and very suitable for any blog.

The income we can get is huge.

  • Free Bitcoin APK Android
Android It turns out Also can produce bitcoin for free, I have got one apk android that gives Bitcoin for free.

The apk is Grabpoint. Now to get bitcoin for free from this apk you can complete the missions, such as downloading app, completing surveys, and others.

Well in grabpoint when finished registering you will instantly get 500 points or the equivalent of 0.5 $.

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