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Sunday, October 1, 2017

6 Steps to Make Money through Cryptocurrency Trading

If you have some money idle, you'll be surprised to see what can be done with the money.

Only with some money in the form of Bitcoin, you can start trading (buying and selling) digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) from now. You do not have to pay commissions on brokers, no need to pass a third party, and no longer need to worry about any barriers to start trading. All you need to have is just a little bit of Bitcoin. If you dare to sacrifice a few percent of your money, then invest in the world of digital currency.

I started trading with Bitcoin for less than $ 20

But gradually, My Bitcoin trading reached 3.0 Bitcoin (which is roughly $ 2800 in less than 1-2 months) It should be noted that this does not mean trading cryptocurrency is very easy to do. Losing your money is something that reasonable in investing or trading, but you certainly can minimize the risk of losing it by applying the right strategy.The fact is if trading is a very easy way to do and without risk, then surely everyone will become a trader But if you are someone being patient and acting on the basis of market trend analysis and mature strategies, then you will definitely love trading digital currencies.

Digital currency (or cryptocurrency) is more than just digital numbers used by people as money. The technology behind Bitcoin as the world's first digital currency is a decentralized ledger that can be accessed wherever and whenever by the public as long as they are connected in the internet network. This cryptographic technology called Blockchain is what makes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Darkcoin and coin-coin alternatives other than Bitcoin known as "Cryptocurrency".

Cryptocurrency is the real Wall Street 

As a decentralized ledger, Blockchain can't be controlled or manipulated by any party, institution or institution. The designs in the technology make all transactions work virtually and without fault, and not only can be used as a tool for transferring digital currency ownership, but also to transfer assets, stocks, contracts, commodities, and escrow services. This technology has the potential to change the future of the financial world, where markets can become more democratic and eliminate the 'banksters' (a term for dishonest people working in the banking industry). 

If you've only heard a glimpse of Cryptocurrency, maybe these technical terms can make you confused 

It is important for you to learn about cryptocurrency, but if you are only interested in using it as a trading and investment tool then you have enough basic knowledge of business, consumer demand, and standard economic laws to stand in positions that are or even higher than other traders ( at least for now). Most traders today are people who have used cryptocurrency from the start, miners, programmers and people who understand more about technology than the business or marketplace. As they focus more on the crypto community and technological innovations that make this coin-coin even more popular, you can have a greater chance as you think beyond them.

 1. Get your first Bitcoin to start trading 

There are many markets (exchanges) that provide a place to buy and sell cryptocurrency with USD or other countries currencies, but you should buy Bitcoin first instead of another cryptocurrency. With some Bitcoin, you can easily trade it into another digital currency whenever you want through markets that serve Bitcoin's sale with alternate coins (digital currencies other than Bitcoin). You need to remember that you do not need to buy Bitcoin in full (because the price is quite expensive, 1 Bitcoin is already worth $ 390 at the time this article is written). You just buy some parts of it, otherwise known as Satoshi. For example, 500 thousand Satoshi is equal to 0.005 Bitcoin (in other words, to buy 500ribu Satoshi, you only cost less than $ 2). One of the safest places to buy Bitcoin with USD is through, but there are many other places you can choose to buy Bitcoin at a cheaper price or in accordance with your country's currency. 

2. Once you have Bitcoin, it's time to find a good market / exchange for your trading 

The digital currency market I think is most reliable is Surely there are many other markets in the world-some good, some bad, and some even gone bankrupt, like Mt. Gox. Many people are reluctant to have cryptocurrency because of the bad news that affects these markets as suddenly bankrupt exchange cases, or coin-coin customers who are stolen and lost somewhere. Personally, however, I see it as a way for emerging markets to evolve with more mature preparations.

3. News is spreading very fast in the world of cryptocurrency, so keep an eye on it every day 

Follow the news on Twitter to find out the latest developments because the companies and cryptocurrency markets are often discussed there. You can also read info on forums that specialize in cryptocurrency topics or follow related hash tags. Information and news can be your strength, and rumors can also be an opportunity for you! 

4. Once you have Bitcoin in the exchange account, you can start trading 

However, before you randomly select and observe other digital currency charts, I recommend you to at least do some research to avoid being 'blind' when trading. The best way to learn about each digital currency is to add the keyword 'ann' after the name of the coin. For example, write "Cannabiscoin ann" in the search box. The word 'ann' here means announcement or news / announcement. With these keywords, you can directly connect to the forums that are on and you can make a special thread on the coin.Such threads will show important information you need to know such as the total available supply of coins, details of technical issues, development plans, vision and mission, community speculation, etc. Plus, you can also go back to Twitter because the site is not just a great place to look for news, but also to track all web pages and forums associated with the coin.

5. Fundamentals of Trading

In researching a market traders will usually refer to fundamental analysis. If you can search for the right information in a timely manner and understand exactly how the information relates to the market, it will be easier for you to predict market trends-especially to read whether the coin will rise or fall. In addition to fundamental analysis, you can also use technical analysis. Technical analysis is just as important, but it focuses more on how to read the chart and find the specific patterns in it-for example, when the price reaches a certain point, the coin will decrease in price.

6. The most important basic thing to remember: Buy when the price is cheap and resale when the price is high

Why? Because people who do not sell their coins when prices are being pumped up will not sell their digital currency at a lower price. So it is clear that when the price of coin you buy is moving up and down, then it becomes a good time to resell your coin to Bitcoin. And if the coin you choose has good prospects and you want to invest for a long time, then make sure you buy the coin when the price is being dumped. Sometimes, it's easier if you focus on getting a good coin-coin instead of buying more Bitcoin because a good coin will definitely rise again.

And that's how trading process works.


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