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Friday, October 6, 2017

8 The Best and Accurate Source of Information To Analyze Cryptocurrency Trading

The movement of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in particular has provoked much interest in traders to seek to profit from price fluctuations. Although unusually volatile when compared with other instruments such as forex, Bitcoin prices remain promising and can bring profits abundantly. The key, traders need to know how to position correctly.

However, predicting the price movement of Bitcoin is not easy, especially if the trader's psychology has not been burdened by the risk of Bitcoin volatility. There are many ways to anticipate it, one of them is to have "ammunition" is right and convincing. If the weapon is well prepared from the start, it will be easier for the trader to analyze and determine the entry-exit point with a quiet mind.

Well, one of the main weapons in the trading analysis is the source of information that displays the latest developments around the price of Bitcoin. But searching for Bitcoin information providers in fact need more foresight, because Bitcoin market itself is still relatively exclusive and not widely known as stocks, commodities, and forex.

To help ease your trading analysis, here we show you the 8 most interesting and reliable Bitcoin resource providers:
8. Bitcoinity

Would you like to get a Bitcoin price overview with data view from Bitcoin's main exchanges? Bitcoinity can provide it in a concise presentation with an all in one platform form. Unfortunately, the Bitcoin chart provider site is not yet user-friendly for mobile viewing (still coming soon when this article is written). To get the maximum view, you need to open the site on the desktop screen. The Bitcoinity page can be accessed at

7. CryptoCoin

CryptoCoin also provides general information about crypto currency, not Bitcoin alone. The concept is similar to CoinMarketCap, but it further sharpens the specialization on altcoin as a whole. The display is quite informative and easy to use for mobile users, but the appearance of the price graph has not been too consistent. The CryptoCoin page can be accessed at

6. CoinMarketCap

For those of you who want to keep up-to-date with the development of crypto currency, CoinMarketCap provides a list of crypto currencies that are sorted according to market capitalization. The list is updated in real-time and is equipped with a mini price chart. CoinMarketCap also recorded trading volumes, as well as highlighted the crypto currency that recorded the biggest increases and declines. Although not yet optimal, the look of CoinMarketCap site on the mobile platform is much better than Bitcoinity. The CoinMarketCap page can be accessed at

5. TradeBlock

TradeBlock is a global data set that can serve as a reference for trading crypto currency trading, including Bitcoin. Almost all important topics related to Bitcoin trading are discussed on this site. Some of these are news about the crypto currency industry and the development of Bitcoin regulations. Compared to the previous 4 sites, the interface of TradeBlock site is the best and has 100% in presenting its mobile version. The TradeBlock page can be accessed at

4. Coinhills

Coinhills is a provider of real-time Bitcoin charts. Despite having almost the same concept as Bitcoinity, Coinhills is far more successful in making ease of access on all devices. Price charts and complementary information on Coinhills can perform optimally, even on mobile screens though. Visitors can also add custom settings to the chart and save them. Coinhills page can be accessed at

3. CoinGecko

CoinGecko is a crypto currency pe-rating site that bases its assessment of the quality of the developer. The assessed variables may include activity, community outreach, and liquidity. This source of information is useful for you who want to know the potential survival of a crypto currency in the future.

Because both act as a rating, the look of CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap has some similarities. But in terms of user convenience, CoinGecko looks superior because its mobile services look no responsibility even though it is still a beta version when this article is written. CoinGecko's page can be accessed at

2. BitcoinWisdom

BitcoinWisdom specifically provides an already equipped chart with support of various technical indicators, including EMA and MACD. You can select charts from Bitcoin, Litecoin and various altcoin. For those of you who prioritize mobility is also not to worry because the site BitcoinWisdom already appear quite optimal on the smartphone screen. The BitcoinWisdom page can be accessed at

1. CrypTrader

CrypTrader not only presents the price chart of various crypto currencies, but also API key to enable traders to execute positions, get balance, interact with fellow traders, and obtain trading recap and open order status. With such extensive functions, CrypTrader is already playing the role of a demo platform that traders can use to learn and practice. Unfortunately, CrypTrader mobile concept still needs some improvements even though there are already some features that work optimally. The CrypTrader page can be accessed at

No need to be confused when difficult to obtain the necessary updates on popular financial sites, or worry about lack of info before the open position. By listening to sites like the example above, you can get a better understanding to anticipate the movement of Bitcoin.

From Bitcoin news, regulatory developments, crypto currency market info in general, to charts with technical indicators and trading demo functions, the 8 sites above can be a reliable source of information for your trading analysis.

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