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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fight Food Product Fraud, Alibaba Use Blockchain

What is Alibaba / Alibaba Group?

Alibaba Group is the parent group of various companies under its auspices, for example,,, aliexpress,,,, alibaba cloud (, antifinancial service group, caniao network,, alipay and many other companies who take shelter under alibaba this group. Even in early 2016, alibaba group acquired e-commerce company based in southeast asia lazada with the acquisition value of US $ 1 billion or equivalent to Rp 13 trillion. This move shows that alibaba group does not want to just 'champion cage' in mainland China only. But now this paper focuses only on one of the subsidiaries of alibaba group that is is an e-commerce service based in China with customers from over 200 countries and regions from around the world and focuses on B2B e-commerce to connect various types of small and medium enterprises. Thus, their business can grow to be glimpsed out of China. Alibaba is now China's favorite technology company. However, many people do not know Alibaba sad trip. This effort begins Jack Ma with heavy struggles and obstacles. One of the former employees of Porter Erisman wrote this story in a book called 'Alibaba's World'.

Alibaba Use Blockchain

China's e-commerce giant, Alibaba, is rumored to have collaborated with PwC consulting firm to develop a blockchain-based system to reduce the potential for counterfeiting of food products sold by the e-commerce.

The project also works with Auspost, Australia's largest postal company, as well as Australian food companies such as Blackmores. The project, called the Food Trust Framework, will track the distribution chain of food from distributors to customers. This tracking can be done in real time, thus improving the safety and quality assurance of food products purchased by customers.

Of course this Alibaba step needs to be greeted positively, following several cases of counterfeit food circulating in China, especially those sold through the Alibaba platform, which has led to several death cases in various places.

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