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Friday, October 6, 2017

Best Tricks to Get Profits From Cryptocurrency Trading 2017

You need to remember, Bitcoin trading is very different from forex trading, because of the way the trading even though it is different. If in forex we know the term Long and short. Long is to target prices on the rise to gain profit, while Short's to target prices down to get profit.

While in the market Bitcoin it is more like buying and selling goods online is the existence of BUY and SELL. BUY is you actually buy a Cryptocurrency be it BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, XZC, BTS, DASH, DOGE, LTC, NXT, XLM, XEM, XRP. If SELL is you actually sell a Cryptocurrency. So that the profit or profit is simple only the selling price minus the purchase price. So there is no such thing as Call margin and PIP in Bitcoin trading. The existence of selling profit or loss.


In trading Bitcoin, a Bitcoiners must have a goal to avoid confusion, this is because sometimes beginners, especially Bitcoiners Idealis often confused must collect Bitcoin or even pursue profits in trading Bitcoin. If you've decided to become a Bitcoin Trader, then you have to bury deep within your Idealist Bitcoiners soul. Because here you collect the rupiah from the difference between selling and buying instead of saving Bitcoin.Note: You have money means you are looking for the best position to buy merchandise, and if you have Bitcoin it means you are holding an item to sell.


When the market conditions are super positive, this means there is a tendency Bitcoin prices will continue to rise throughout the day. For example on this morning the price of 1 BTC $4350, a few hours later $4900, and the next $5000 and so on. In this condition Bitcoin trade tends to be easy. Why? Because you just buy Bitcoin at a cheap price and sell it at a price slightly higher than the price you buy. Just enjoy the profit until the market is finally saturated then you should stop buying and wait for the price to fall back.Note: Familiarize yourself to be satisfied with the profit that has been obtained, do not be greedy to determine sales targets if the price does not make sense, except with careful consideration.


 This is what most Bitcoin traders fear. What if the price tends to go down? As at the time this article was made, this morning at 9:15 AM 1 BTC $ 4,332.33, an hour later, exactly at 10.15Am $ 4,232.00 and a few hours later $ 4,142,51. If you are forced to try to buy Bitcoin then sell at a price higher than the previous purchase price, it is certain you are losing money, because no one will buy your Bitcoin far above the market price, unless the buyer really needs it. Remember, buyers are also smart people who know how much to buy a decent price when buying.If we are smart enough, even if market conditions tend to go down sometimes have its own advantages.

Case study :

Jesicca has a Bitcoin 3 BTC balance she bought for $ 4,332.00, while the current price of Bitcoin in the position of $ 4,302.00, if Jesicca still forced to sell all BTCnya balance it, then Jesicca will lose $ 30 But Jesicca realize the price of Bitcoin will tends to go down at $ 4,232.00, because the international market is declining which will surely be followed by other countries market. So Jesicca sells 3 Bitcoin at $ 4,302.00, so Jesicca earns $ 12,906.00, because prices are still likely to decline as expected, Jesicca was able to buy Bitcoin at a price of $ 4,232.00. And it turns out in the morning the price of Bitcoin back to the price of $ 4,302.00, and then Jesicca immediately sell it, then Jesicca gain $ 30 profitBased on the above case study, it can be seen that in case of a previous purchase error, you can still take the opportunity of sharp price decline to increase profits in that way, or at least reduce your losses.Note: Fixed errors and kept trying to make a profit.


At a time when market conditions stagnate, will tend to bore the Bitcoiners. But this has its own advantages for small medium traders. Why? because it turns out that in this state of Bitcoin price is easy to predict !. All you have to do is plug the net in the low and sell positioned slightly higher at the buy price, then the gain is earned.

Bitcoin market tends to be like playing ping pong-tik tock tik tok tik tok." Every tick is the sound of your token.

Oscar Gunawan (CEO of

Note: Stagnant position is not always boring, there is always a chance in every market position if you use it.


For forex players who are used to predicting market prices by reading complicated charts are easy. But what about us as merchants? Do not be discouraged, let's use some of these indicators to help us.

Hope You've an abundance of benefits.

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