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Friday, October 13, 2017

Factors Driving Bitcoin Prices Rise Up Over $5000

Factors Driving Bitcoin Prices Rise Up Over $5000

Last September Bitcoin once touched prices up to $5000 and declined rapidly to $ 3000. The price decline was influenced by several things such as Jamie Dimon and ICO Ban made by China.

But this time Bitcoin back up and harganyapun already more than $5000.

There are still some factors that drive price increases, and some of the reasons why $5000 is Bitcoin's current goal, even higher.

The Return of Trust and Momentum

No one doubts the fact that the Chinese movement, and the attack of Jamie Dimon, caused a perfect storm for Bitcoin's declining confidence. This is a combination of two big enemies of digital currency financial institutions and regulators.

However, the attack was limited to the wind, and Bitcoin again flapped its wings, as there was a momentum returning.

Financial crisis

Bitcoin has shown that they are strong in the face of a global disaster that will occur when global markets fall by almost one percent as tensions between the US and North Korea are on the rise.

Internally, countries like Zimbabwe and Venezuela are hedging on Bitcoin because their markets are destroyed.

Wall Street

The emergence of institutional investors after the 1 August split that made Bitcoin tear other rallies, emerged another big push of validation from trusted investors who could become a tipping point.

Free Money

At the end of October there will be another fork that goes into Bitcoin in the form of Bitcoin Gold.

"It's just an airdrop just not a chain split. Everyone who owns Bitcoin will also have Bitcoin Gold once the network is running, but transactions on the Bitcoin Gold network will not affect the Bitcoin network, or vice versa. "

Because of this news, many think that Bitcoin is booming - and altcoin is down - it's possible that digital currency enthusiasts are preparing to receive free money when fork comes at the end of this month.

Bitcoin Prices Now 5.335,00 USD

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