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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

How To Approve By Adsense For Blogs That Are Repeatedly Disapproved

In this post I will discuss about How To Approve By Adsense For Blogs that are repeatedly disapproved. Already many bloggers who do google adsense registration with difficulty and meet the criteria that people have been talking about on blogs and other sites but still did not produce sweet fruit and still just rejected with a confusing reason. In fact, to register google adsense was simple and practical, and not so complicated if you want to menekuninya. Now we go straight to the scene, to find out what are the factors that affect why the blog is always disapproved by Adsense.

1. Provide A, C, D, P, T, S

If I'm so short you must be confused right? But all that stands for ABOUT, CONTACT, DISCLAIMER, PRIVACY POLICY, TOS, and SITEMAP. Why this is also important, because with the buttons GA will be easier to find out whether your site is ready or not to become a partner publisher GA, because the assumption GA if there are buttons are the visitors will be easier to know and contact the blog admin.

2. Responsive Templates

This refers to the word RESPONSIVE. With a responsive template capital, you will definitely get back by GA. But, REMEMBER ONE THINGS !!! Responsive Templates are not meant to be seen only on smartphones and all other sophisticated media, but this is more concerned with the script code of the template, whether it is fixed and meet google webmaster or not. In the next post, I will discuss in more detail about this.

3. Use Custom Domain

Still confused with what is a custom domain? Custom domains are the same as third-party urls. I think the third point is also very important, because if you are rejected what you need is a site that uses a custom domain or top level domain [LTD], when using blogspot url site is clearly not accepted. And besides, custom domains also play an important role in increasing traffic because it is easier to remember, and accessed by visitors than blogspot labeled.

4. PageSpeed Test Minimum Value 90/100

This is very important because the minimum value of such a thing as to show that your template responsive in all sophisticated media but remember you see in point two for the composition of the script code.Later, the pagespeed test there are mobile and desktop, for the desktop keep a minimum value of that segal but for mobile a top value not 90 is okay, approximately 75-90 is the minimum, but for a mobile value that is under 100/100 since GA is now expecting more accessible sites more responsive in smartphones or other gadgets.

5. Use Artificial Images

This point is not so influential but it would be nice if you want to do it, because the homemade image is lighter than the download image from mbah google. A lightweight image will ease the rendering of your [loading] site.

6. Never Give Up and Keep Trying, Believe it Will be Approved

This one is just a suggestion, for you who want to register adsense. Because in fact, the list of GA (Google Adsense) is indeed very difficult, I myself have GA list up to 10 times more and it takes up to months. The long enough time does not mean my 2nd review phase is very long, but every 2-3 days by GA reported that your account was rejected, continue for 2 weeks more no news and was rejected. Yes, that is so. So fight, do not give up, because behind the distress there must be happiness awaiting us.


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