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Sunday, October 1, 2017

How to Mining Free Bitcoin in MinerGate

In the previous article, I discussed more or less how to get cryptocurrecy like Bitcoin, etc. Now, I will tell you how to get bitcoin for free using Minergate software.

MinerGate is a trusted Bitcoin mining site and is highly recommended by experts and experts in Bitcoin, in this site mining is divided into two types or ways of mining with GPU (Mining Computers) and Cloud Mining (Mining Cloud or Online).

There are so many bitcoin mining sites that are encroaching on the internet, but most of them are collapsed or do not pay. Well this is what should be the thing that we prioritize the trust site.

One of them is Minergate, MinerGate is a site as well as mining created by a group of Cryptocurrency fans. And this site not only supports Bitcoin only, but many other digital currencies, such as:

1. Zcash (ZEC)
2. Ethereum (ETH)
3. Ethereum Classic (ETC)
4. Bitcoin (BTC)
5. Litecoin (LTC)
6. ByteCoin (BCN)
7. Monero (XMR)
8. Fantomcoin (FNC)
9. QuazarCoin (QNC)
10. DigitalNote (XDN)
11. MonetaVerde (MCN)
12. DashCoin (DSH)
13. AeonCoin (AEON)
14. Infinium-8 (INF8)

Well, the above crypto currency list is what you can mining using your computer at home. But please note the income mining with GPU / CPU Computers are not dependent on the speed of internet connection connected to the computer, but the mining results in this way is influenced by the specification of computer mining is the VGA Card installed in the computer.

So there is no problem with the speed of internet connection, which required only stable and not frequent connection Disconnet (DC). If the signal smoothly or steady kemudaian plus Spek mumpuni, surely the result will be pretty lah, following how basgus spek pc you.

Then, how to get your computer ready for mining in MinerGate? If you are not sure about your computer specs and are curious about your PC performance in digging blocks or hash coins, it's worth trying it out first.

Video Tutorial

Please follow the step to generate bitcoin or other cryptocurrency below:

1. Make sure you have registered on the Minergate site

2. If you already have a MinerGate account, then you go to Menu Downloads at the top of the page.

3. Select GUI Miner, there will be a choice of applications that support with your PC, Windows how, and type 32 bit or 64 bit. Don't be wrong in downloading this application, because it can impact the application of errors or even can't mining.

4. Once downloaded, install and open the GUIMiner Minergate app.

5. Then Login to your account, can directly input email, or extended mode. If you want mining to run automatically when the computer starts up, you should select extended mode and enter your account email and password.

6. Here's the minergate view when first login, now click Smart Mining, its function is the mining process will run itself and choose which coin is the most good and profitable for the mining.

7. You can monitor the mining process on Miner menu, you can choose which coin you will be mining, but Smart Miner will die and only mining coin you have selected.

8. Congratulations, you have successfully mining cryptocurrency in minergate for Free

  • I recommend for You to mining Bytecoin (BCN), because it is easier to do withdraw.
  • Mining with CPU / GPU is a mining that requires the computer to stay on 24 Hours if you want the mining process to continue, so the risk of computer damage may exist.
  • Your PC specification determines the results you get.
  • You do not have to mining Bitcoin there are many other crypto options, but the payment stays in bitcoin.

Tutorial mining above is a free way to get bitcoin, but if you have enough capital, it would not hurt you to try to hire MinerGate Cloud Mining Services, do not worry about scam, because this site has been trusted and proven to pay since long because it has been proven Minergate Cloud Mining Trusted.


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