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Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Most Popular Bitcoin Wallet Provider Website In The World

The site of the providers of Wallet Bitcoin is actually a lot, but I will write some just because it is the most widely used. It will be easier if there is a problem with the wallet that we have to consult with other users who have BTC Address (address bitcon) on the same wallet.

In addition, the advantages of having the same BTC Address that is there Bitcoin Wallet provider site that is not charged if the transfer between users who have BTC Address on the same wallet. Similar to the bank system which will be cheaper if the transfer is done with a fellow bank.

The use of Bitcoin Wallet is very easy, usefulness and definition of what Wallet Bitcoin own sense like a savings account. About security is undoubtedly because some sites of Bitcoin Wallet providers are SSL certified even though it can not be a guarantee. Creating a Bitcoin Wallet account includes a first step if we want to have and find Bitcoin, but do we know if the Bitcoin Wallet provider is not just one?

Just like a means of payment, Bitcoin itself is a currency that also requires banks and accounts, in the parable of an account with a random number is BTC Address, also the existence of various bank names which in this case is the account name Bitcoin Wallet. So what is the list of providers of the Wallet Bitcoin site?
1. is one of the most popular bitcin wallet provider sites, and most desirable. Blockchain sites can also be accessed through Excess in addition to having user friendly features we can also see a row of Bitcoin Address transactions from various users across the world per second on the dashboard site. Once you know about How to easily list Bitcoin Wallet at, you just find Bitcoin.

Excess wallet blockchain:

The system is decentralized, meaning Bitcoin is not influenced by any government policy that might have a negative impact on the system
High level of security
Can make a lot of bitcoin addresses.
No account verification required.

Lack of wallet blockchain:

Transactions occurring within the system can not be undone.
There is no password forgot feature, meaning if you forget your password, then it is the same as you lose your money.
A fairly large fee in the delivery of bitcoin to another wallet.
Can't withdraw cash to local bank account.
Can't make transactions with small amount.

2. is one of the bitcoin wallet providers site established since 2012 founded by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam based in Francisco. This Coinbase includes a tough competitor from because this site is the second most popular provider of Bitcoin Wallet after

Coinbase has announced to customers in all 26 countries to buy bitcoins "instantly" from now on. Coinbase is the most popular way in the world to sell and buy bitcoin and ethereum.

Mailing address:

548 Market St # 23008
San Francisco, CA 94104

Excess bitcoin wallet in Coinbase:

High level of security
There is no bitcoin delivery fee nor bitcoin deposit.
Can accept transactions with small amount.
Can make payment buttons commonly used by online shopping, HYIP or sites that receive BTC donations.

Lack of Coinbase bitcoin wallet:

Can't withdraw cash to local bank account

3. is a company that runs its business precisely in Hongkong. A company originating from Palo Alto, California, USA union issuing Bitcoin wallet services and including new.

First we list here we will get 50 Bits rewards, or 5000 Satoshi. In addition will provide refferal links or links that if there is a user list through our link, we will get a reward, and in give the reward is worth 50 Bits. So, to get more rewards we can invite someone to register through our referral link by disseminating or installed in advertising.

Another interesting feature of is to provide Debit cards, and this is the first Bitcoin Wallet provider to issue Bitcoin Debit Card service, where we can transact using this card in our account. Transaction transfers between users also do not cost or are subject to deductions.

Excess Xapo bitcoin wallet:

High level of security
Can make lots of bitcoin wallet address
Available plastic cards such as ATM cards
No bitcoin delivery fee
Many faucets are instant Payout to XAPO
The email address can be a bitcoin wallet address, so there is no need to memorize a complicated bitcoin address.
The registration bonus of 20,000 Satoshi was given to the new member and the person he was invited to.

Lack of Bitcoin wallet in Xapo:

The website feels slow, this is what I feel, do not know if you ditampat possible different connections, then the taste is also different.
Can not withdraw cash to local bank account.
The view is less friendly


In January 2016 in London, the LUNO, formerly known as BitX, has now done a rebranding along with numerous additional exciting new features and market expansion in the European continent.

Luno has offices in 3 countries: London, Singapore and Cape Town. Luno is a leading digital currency company with a team of over 40 technology and finance experts, operating in various countries and continents. Luno's products and services make it easy and secure for individuals and businesses to store, buy, use and study digital currencies like Bitcoin.

Luno's vision is to change the lives of billions of people by providing Bitcoin to anyone, anywhere.

Media Contacts:
Company name: Luno

Excess of Luno wallet:
Available fiur with various languages in the world so easy to use
Available features sell bitcoin and buy bitcoin
Available market altcoin
Can withdraw cash to local bank account
Low cost when withdrawing cash to local bank account.
Can make lots of bitcoin wallet address.
High level of security.
Available features Affiliate, affiliate bonus per person we invite to register is Rp. 5,000, see how to get bonus in BitX.
Deposit bitcoin 20 times first each month free.
Account verification is quite easy.

Luno Wallet Deficiency:

Bitcoin deposit transactions more than 20 times a month are subject to fees.
Unfamiliar view
The selling price is low compared to other exchange sites.


This bitcoin wallet at is the most used wallet by bitcoin wallet users from Indonesia.

Excess wallet

Easy to use for using Bahasa Indonesia.
Having affiliate features, which if we can invite people to register and bertrtansaksi on, then we will earn an affiliate commission.
Can trade bitcoin and buy bitcoin.
Available market altcoin.
Available chatroom features that we can use to share with millions of other members.
Can withdraw cash to local bank account
High level of security.
Withdraw Instant to local bank account.
Admins who respond with our problems.
Available feature of rupiah deposit from local bank.

Lack of wallet

Can not create as many bitcoin addresses as in blockchain.
A sizable fee in a bitcoin delivery transaction.
The big fee in cash withdrawal is IDR 25,000, - per one withdrawal.
Verify account is very complicated.

That's a list of some Bitcoin wallet providers sites. Hopefully with this little information we can better understand and choose which bitcoin wallet is suitable for you.


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