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Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Scattered About Ethereum

This is The Scattered About Ethereum

About Ethereum What You May Not Know

  • What are the perks about Ethereum?
  • Why is Ethereum a common concern?
  • How is Ethereum prospecting going forward?

The initial target of the Ethereum market is slightly different from other Coin Digital because 99% of people using Ethereum are developers and programmers. The reason is simple, because they are very loving new technology and Ethereum is what they expect so far. Only in Ethereum where the middle to lower programmer can build a decentralized app (Dapps) and have full access to its protocol securities.

Uniqueness of Ethereum
  1. The transaction on Ethereum is faster because it implements the Ghost Protocol. The time of each block only takes 12 seconds where it is faster than BitCoin which takes 10 minutes.
  2. Ethereum's Economic Model is different from BitCoin where BitCoin will halve its earnings block reward annually while Ethereum releases the same amount of Ether every year
  3. Ethereum has different methods of calculating the cost of the transaction depending on the complexity of the circulation, the bandwidth and storage usage required. In Ethereum, it is called GAS.
  4. Ethereum is equipped with complete internal turing code. A complete Turing code means that if given enough computer power and sufficient time ... anything can be calculated. This is a form of flexibility Ethereum
  5. Ethereum is publicly funded (Crowdfunding) quite different from BitCoin where almost all BTC coins are owned by the miners who start at it.
  6. Ethereum harnesses the power of a hard harshing memory algorithm known as Ethash that mitigates the use of ASICS and supports decentralized mining by every individual using their GPU.

Ethereum does not work like Bitcoin or other Alternative Coins designed to show the value of a currency used as a financial transaction. Ethereum is instead a "Token" that developers are required to operate their software / technology system in the Ethereum Platform; for example a train / car that needs gasoline to run.

The Ethereum community, comprising a group of Founders who built Ethereum from the ground, where one of the Founders of Ethereum is Vitalik Buretin, a programmer, author, co-founder of BitCoin Magazine and has ever won a World Technology Award. With the founder / creator / developer working closely with his community, it shows that Ethereum is a clear technological system, which he does not like BitCoin that no one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto (the real Bitcoin creator) actually is.

Ethereum has 4 timeline sequences of launching process, starting from:

  1. Frontier: An early stage that emphasizes the user's concerns and concerns
  2. Homestead: A much more stable network where it is no longer considered "beta" (experimental phase)
  3. Metropolis: Presenting a friendly software (user friendly) with diverse ecosystems including Dapp Browser (Mist) and tools like Mix the IDE
  4. Serenity: A process of transition to more significant protocols and scalability upgrades to a "ready-to-use Industry"

On March 15, 2016, Ethereum has released Homestead on its software officially, since the release of Frontier in July 2015. With the launch of Homestead, Eth will grow and show its superiority on the network side and stability. This precious moment is passed online on Google Hangouts hosted by the Ethereum community itself skitar at 18:50 UTC.

Sometimes what amazes us is that Ether's increasing demand from day to day is causing the price to soar even though it is explained in the above post that the main purpose of Ethereum is formed not as a currency value.

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