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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How to Payment Youtube Adsense? Here Is The Illustration And Explanation

The Illustration And Explanation

Briefly I will give an idea, how your video can make money through youtube. Well, since it's been a lot of explanation posted before so I'll make it succinctly.
  1. You must have video.
  2. You must have a youtube account.
  3. You should associate youtube with adsense.
  4. You can make money.
It's not easy, for the first and second points need not be explained. because to have a youtube account we just register using email from google for free.

Get Youtube Adsense Account

The next stage is to get a youtube Adsense account, the terms are also quite easy. You only need 1 original Video (Including Audio) minimum of 6 minutes to register adsense.

The process of submission also does not take long, maximum 3 days you have received notification via email that your youtube Adsense account accepted. Read more you can read the article below.

"Update April 2017 - Currently, Youtube's newest regulation is that new videos can be monetized or advertised when it reaches 10,000 views / impressions. After translucent 10,000 views will still be reviewed by the Youtube, whether violating the policy or not for advertising."

After all the process is complete you can make money from your video uploaded to youtube, well simple is not it.

How the Youtube payment system

Videos that you register to Adsense youtube will automatically get ads in every impression. This ad that puts is the Adsense party or we can place it manually in every video.

The earning system is as follows:
  1. Ads served through the AdSense auction.
  2. Ads are sold on a reservation basis through DoubleClick.
  3. Ads from various other sources that YouTube sells

Of all the ads served on your uploaded videos that make money, the youtube payment system can be through clicks earned from a video viewer or the number of ads in the video as a whole.

So while video ads do not get clicks from visitors, we still get paid through the number of ad impressions in the video, usually after 1000 ad impressions will start counting and inclusion in payment data.
If you want to see your total revenue on youtube, you can go to revenue, and change the date to lifetime. See the picture below.

System Cost Per Thousand impressions

This youtube payment is better known as CPM (Cost Per thousand) for every ad impression in your video that aired 1000 times on youtube then you will be paid. Revenue per 1000 impressions of this ad is an estimated earnings, or a gross income.

The formula is RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1,000

Information :

RPM = Revenue Per Thoushand Impression The average income that can be earned from every 1,000 impressions.

For Adsense Publisher earnings, RPM earned between $ 1 - $ 5 This also depends on the region, type of content, and relevance of the ad. (Including the duration of the broadcast on each video)

Example: If your estimated earnings are $ 0.15 out of 25 pageviews, then your hp eCPM equals ($ 0.15 / 25) * 1000, or $ 6.00.
View official google sources

See temporary payments from youtube dashboard analytics

To be able to view youtube payment temporarily or an estimate or dirty result can be directly to youtube analytics dashboard. For Further estimated earnings are shown within 24 hours according to the time zone used.

In the dashboard Youtube analytic You can be seen the development of the estimated amount of daily, weekly or monthly income. It will also record the addition of subsriber every month completely.

The youtube analytics dashboard also reports full results, from the duration of impressions (watch time per minute) or the number of impressions each month with the visual grapich view as shown below.

Well, from the youtube analytic dashboard we can only see the estimated revenue, all the net revenue will be inserted into your Adsense account dashboard every 15th of the following month.

How do I get a youtube payment?

Before receiving youtube payment, make sure you have verified the adsense PIN will be sent to your home address through the post office, so in making youtube adsense account make sure your address is written correctly.

This Adsense PIN will be sent by Adsense after 3 month old Adsense account or you have get balance amount of 10 USD.

You will receive youtube Adsense payment after reaching a minimum threshold of 100 USD (Exchange Rate of the month)

Adsense youtube payments can be received via Western Union by showing the ID card that matches the Adsense payment name without any deductions.

Or it can also use payment by bank transfer (Wired Transfer), usually will be charged a minimum cost of 5 USD or depending on local bank policy.

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