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Saturday, January 27, 2018

How to Mining on Coinpot Sites 100% FREE + Claim Faucet Site

The high interest of the world community of digital currency (Cryptocurrency) make it as a business field with a very promising profit. Many methods can be used to get Cryptocurrency, one of them is by mining. How to Mining on Coinpot Site 100% Free plus there is also Claim Faucet Site and many other features of this coinpot. All that we can get for free and withdraw it is also fast as long as we are diligent.

In this article I will kasitau way mining for free without investment and without a deposit first. This article is suitable for beginners who want to try bitcoin mining because it is very easy also do not need to use a PC with a large specification. Not only using PC alone to mine from this coinpot, we can also use a smartphone as long as it is connected to the internet. Not only Bitcoin BTC that we can mine in coinpot, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Dogecoin Doge, Litecoin LTC, and DASH also can we mine here.

Payment Proof

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Complete Tutorial of each feature:

1. Make Microwallet Account HERE

2. Mining Bitcoin BTC
    Mining Bitcoin Cash BCH
    Mining Dogecoin DOGE
    Mining Litecoin LTC
    Mining DASH
See the picture below for Mining

3. You can also claim cryptocurrency every 5 minutes once from the faucet site below and automatically log into Your microwallet coinpot account

Automatic withdraw to coinpot (Log in using coinpot email)
Faucet Free Bitcoin Cash
Faucet Free DASH
Faucet Free Bitcoin
Faucet Free Doge
Faucet Free Litecoin

4. If you have a website or blog, you can also mining from websites or blogs that you have. How it works you just select which cryptocurrency you want to put on your website, then open the mining menu, then click earn more, then copy the existing HTML in the Embed the miner widget on your own site / blog and paste it into your blog widget or website . See the picture below!

5. Another advantage of mining in this coinpot is you can use 1 account with many devices such as PC, Laptop, Smartphone, etc .. The way such as number 4 and copy Mine on your other devices, paste into a browser like crome or mozilla on your device.

6. In coinpot we can also convert cryptocurrency such as exchange from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash or vice versa, From Dogecoin to Litecoin or vice versa.

7. After meeting the minimum withdraw that has been determined from each cryptocurrency in coinpot, then you can withdraw to the wallet you have like or

Easy Right?

Video Tutorial

Additional, Coinpot Faucet Site:
Faucet 1
Faucet 2

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