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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Westland Storage - The Best Invest Site 2018 (Get 1% Profit Daily LIFELONG)

Westland Storage is a platform developed to be used as an investment medium for new real estate companies in 2018. Westland is here to give Investors the chance to become shareholders in some of the best properties around the world.
Through this platfrom also you can buy real estate land as well as earn a daily profit from the lease made. Yes by becoming an investor you will get Profit every day amounting to 1% of the amount of funds you deposited.

Westland storage is a very interesting project. They have a very ambitious and great goal to build investment programs. If they succeed with their goals, this will be a big thing and the initial investor will generate huge profits.
Through this platfrom also you can buy real estate land as well as earn a daily profit from the lease made. Yes by becoming an investor you will get Profit every day amounting to 1% of the amount of funds you deposited.

What is Westland's vision of storage?

Westland's vision of storage is to build investment programs for the blockchain era. Their goal is ultimately to be an incredibly successful investment program. I know that many people in the world of cryptocurrency do not like this kind of investment program but this investment program is very different from the others.

Why would this be amazing? because this investment program uses cryptocurrency. In today's financial system, people do not have much choice. If you want to have fiat currency, you have to hold it in the bank or cash. As we all know, having a pile of cash is usually not very practical and unwise, the only alternative is to keep it in the bank. But what happens if banks go bankrupt like they have done in many countries during history.

Get to know Westland Storage

Recently one of my closest friends who has intensively studied cryptocurrency recommends Westland storage to me. I promise to take a closer look because I know he's smart in technology, smart, and can see great opportunities in the world of cryptocurrency.
I've finally invested significant money in Westland storage so far and I can invest more in the future. In this Westland storage review, I will share the reasons why I invest in this Westland storage and why I see great potential in their projects. This is not an investment advice but I really think that Westland storage is a big project for several reasons.

Westland Storage Brings Cryptocurrency Development

Cryptocurrency has a strong network effect. The more people talk about them, the more people get involved and start using them. I want to see a day when I can pay with cryptocurrency wherever I go in the world.

Over the past 6 months, I have traveled in Finland, Germany, Austria, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Turkey. I have to have 4 different currencies in those countries. I always have to pay a fee when I exchange currency with other currency or if I get something other than euro from ATM. If I can pay with crypto currency, I do not have to pay a fee or use my time with cash. Those are just a few examples of my life. But imagine that the same thing happens to millions of people and even billions of people all the time when they travel.

This, of course, is just one of the many benefits of cryptocurrency. I will not discuss the other details in this article because our main subject is Westland storage but I just want to mention that there are many situations in my life where cryptocurrency would be very useful. For example, once I need to send money to my friend in the Philippines. It took several days to receive the money and we had to pay 20 € charge. With cryptocurrency, the transaction will be instant and almost free.

I think it's important that we get more services around crypto currency so we'll see future mass adaptations.

Westland storage team is great

You can find out on Westland storage official website that they already have a big team. Big teams are certainly needed if they really want to build a cryptocurrency bank. First, they feature an image of the CEO and 15 key team members and mention that they have additional members including IT workers, customer support, human resources, quality assurance, finance and so on. In the picture below you can see their leaders.

How to invest?

To join and bring in provit from every fund you deposit you only need to register HERE and deposit a number of your assets, then you only need to monitor pegelingan profitnya through Account or Android Application that has been provided.


The minimum amount of investment in peg is $ 10 with an unlimited maximum. To this day there has been about 3000 M of Invest funds with the number of investors reaching 9.3 million people.

If you are interested, you can visit his site at Westland Storage Or you want to immediately invest directly to the Westland Storage page and fill in some necessary data.

With what can I invest?

Available many types of currency that can make Westland Storage share capital, you can invest using some currencies Digital trend is among the world community such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple Xrp, Litecoin, Dash, Z Cash and Bitcoin Cash.

Bounty Westland Storage Program

If you still do not believe you can try first invest without Westland Storage capital. You can try an alternative way to get free dollars quickly through bounty program, where if you complete some tasks it will get some WLS coins which will then be deposited and accumulated with a daily profit of 1% if not in Withdraw.

If indeed you are interested in getting free wls coins can enroll in Bounty program in Westland Storage

You can get some free WLS ($ 1 / Coin) coins. easy way is to complete some tasks like like facebook, reetwit and upload video riview on youtube.

Westlandstorage is a lending platform that provides free WLS coins ranging from 10 WLS to 240 WLS, of course if you do all the requested commands as follows:

Sign Up bonus: 10 WLS
Fill Your Profile: 10 WLS
Share via Facebook: 40 WLS
Share via Twitter: 40 WLS
Download Apps: 20 WLS
Mobile Share: 10 WLS
Video Review: 10 - 100 WLS
Invite Friends: 10 WLS
Total: 10 - 240 WLS

Westland Storage Privileges

The specialty of investment in westland storage is the amount of profit from your investment will not be affected by the rise and fall of the price of the crypto, for example if you invest BTC 0.002, then every business day you will earn a profit of BTC 0.00002 and on holiday will get BTC 0.00001. Or in one month you will earn about 25% x BTC 0.002 = BTC 0.0005. The greater the value of your investment, the greater the profit you will earn. But what you need to note is that Westland Storage is not a crypto exchanger, so once you choose BTC as an investment option, then you will gain profit in BTC. Similarly if you invest in BCH, LTC, DASH, ETH, XRP or ZEC.

How to deposit coin

A nice new step if you decide to invest in this platfrom, I'll give you an example of how to deposit so you can deposit funds and get up without interruption and get a free dollar quickly.

  1. Login to Westlandstorage account
  2. In dashboar please press the menu three lines to the right and select "Make Deposit"
  3. In the next view please select the type of coin you want to deposit, eg Bitcoin with the amount of 0.1000000 BTC, then press "Proceed To Payment" see the picture.
  4. After doing the third step you will be given Invoice and Bitcoin Addres, Please see in the "Send To Address" That's where the address that you can use to deposit a coin.
  5. Enter the wallet / Exchange Bitcoin id and send 0.1 BTC to the address you can in step 5. You have 3 hours to send the coin and if after passing from the specified time you have not deposited Bitcoin then it should be repeat from the Beginning again.

How to Withdraw

For you who find out how to withdraw must follow the bounty program, for WLS coin you can first translate into Bitcoin, Ether and other new coins can be pulled into account bitcoinid account (Indodax).

Follow the following steep to drag the funds:

- Enter the wd address via your profile
- Enter Menu Withdraw
- Select the provit (WLS) / Or Alcoin coins you deposited
- Select the type of coin then click submit, 3-5 minutes later coin wd result into Wallet or your exchange account.

Join Afliansi Program

For those of you who do not have the capital can participate to collect dollars for free by following the program afliansi provided, specifically the publisers can take advantage of cooperation features that benefit each other. Payment rate policy issues you can see first by creating a Wetsland Storage account.

How do I get $ 100 dollars free every day from the title I promised? you can invest in various coins you have in the amount that if calculated to $ 10,000, - Immediately join the Investor and enjoy free money from profit every day.

When is the right investment time ?

Because of the advantage you get in the form of crypto coin, then when the price of crypto coin down that's the most appropriate time for you to invest because if one day the value of coin crypto that you invest increases, then automatically your income will also increase.
Will without investment also increase earnings ??
Very able !!! it's just that you need to wait a long time to do reinvest !. For example, if you get 120 WLS bonuses, then every day you will earn 0.12 WLS. Because the minimum investment grade is 10 WLS or USD 10.00, then you will need 84 days to reach 10 WLS. The daily profit you earn in the form of WLS can be withdrawn by changing the WLS coin to seven different types of coins available at marketcap prices at that time. For example some time ago I have earned a total of 3.6 WLS and after I WD in LTC coin, then I get about 0.01943862 LTC and after waiting a few minutes go straight to Indodax wallet of 0.01743862 LTC as deducted fee of 0.002 LTC .

Conclusion - Is Westland storage Investing profitable?

Based on the above review I believe that big profits are possible with Westland storage and I feel this is a valuable project.

 1. Good vision and ambitious.
 2. Bringing advanced Cryptocurrency development.
 3. Westland storage already has a strong foundation.
 4. The Westland storage team and advisors have great potential for success.

I'm sure that big profits are possible and that's why I invest in Westland storage. But as always, I want to remind you that there is a risk with any investment. You may win money but you can also lose money. So you are responsible for all your own investments. If you think that Westland storage is worth the investment, you can get involved by clicking on this Westland Storage

How to Invest in Westland Storage

If you are the patient and consistent type, I make sure you can increase your investment value by 20 (twenty) times over the whole year where the value of the investment will result in a profit of 1% per day and 0.5% on Saturday and Sunday. For example if your initial investment value is 10 million rupiah, then with your patience and consistency for a full year, then the value of your investment will grow to 200 million rupiah only by way of reinvest weekly. That means your money will generate a passive income of 2 million rupiah a day or about 50 million - 56 million in a month after one year of work (reinvest) so on for life or during this website there is of course (hopefully guns exit scam yes).

To increase the investment value 20 times as above, there are some things you should do:
  1. Minimal investment is Rp. 2.500.000,00 (two million five hundred thousand rupiah) so you can do "reinvest" weekly. This is because the minimum reinvest requirement is $ 10.00. (the calculation is: (6% x 2,500,000) / Rp 14,000 = $ 10.71). Assumption $ 1.00 = Rp. 14.000,00.
  2. The investment value must be converted in the form of digital asset or crypto asset available in seven kinds of crypto namely BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, ZEC and XRP. If the available funds are limited, I strongly recommend using one digital asset that collects the lowest "transfer fee" every time you invest or reinvest. (If in Indodax very varied transfer fee set).
  3. You should always do weekly reinvest for a whole year without being tempted to take advantage of it for other purposes. How to reinvest in Westland Storage is a way that you have to do withdrawing process first, then after you successfully directly re-invest. (Because Westland Storage does not yet provide reinvest facilities).
  4. You can also use the Break Even Investment strategy first, then do a "generate investment" later. If this is what you choose, then you can do take profit for 4 full months as an initial payback effort. The calculation is each month the average return on investment of 25% - 26%, so that in the first 4 months of your investment basically has reached the point of break even (return on capital). In my opinion, this strategy is the most relevant done because you do not need to feel anxiety your capital does not come back.
  5. Download the investment and profit calculations I include here for your guidelines to reinvest.
  6. To be successful in this program, again I just suggest that you be consistent and patient.

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