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Friday, August 31, 2018

Revolutionary Decentralized Exchange 50,000 APH Giveaway Underway Right Now

WOW!! 50,000 APH Promo Giveaway Underway Now

Download and install our new Aphelion Wallet, test our DEX for a chance to win
Follow the details in the link below to qualify for a chance to win FREE Aphelion Tokens

Wow .. I have downloaded Aphelion Desktop Wallet. In my opinion, the Aphelion desktop wallet to version 2.4.3 is really cool, with user friendly features. Very light to use on my windows device, cool. The point is that Aphelion Desktop Wallet is perfect !!
This is my My Aphelion wallet address ARFre5oWxanDcs3nuW3DR6m4etTHtpCd9W

Aphelion in the final stages of testnet DEX testing and need help increasing the trading volume and DEX users to ensure we’re ready to go mainnet in the coming days and so we are giving away random APH to those that test the DEX and also to the top 10 addresses that make the most offers. Testing the commit/compound/claim functions are also appreciated, but not required to participate in the promo.

Details: Aphelion will be giving away 50k APH Tokens; 1000 APH to 50 lucky winners who download, install, make a testnet DEX trade and share their experience . Testnet tokens can be requested from our telegram channel community members and admins.

The promo will remain open until we release the mainnet DEX version in the coming days. We will select 50 winners at random that will be notified via private message on Telegram at the close of the promotion.

Rules to Qualify:

1) Download and install the Aphelion Desktop Wallet & DEX here:

**Windows, Mac & Linux builds available**

2) Get testnet tokens from our telegram community or admins here:

3) Join and post on at least 2 of the following 5 Aphelion channels about your experience with the new app:

4) Finally join and post to our telegram channel here:

Aphelion Updates Wallet to Include Accurate Fee Structure and Distribution Model — Next Step Mainnet DEX

Updated the Aphelion desktop wallet to version 2.4.3 and includes the following updates:

Changes since 2.4.3 (Since Beta Release — 2.3.5)
  • Fix sending token amounts for tokens with less than 8 decimal places (NNC)
  • Eliminate duplicate calls to fetch price data on Dashboard
  • Improvements to Scrolling on Dashboard and Token Sale page + misc. UI Improvements
  • Faster refresh of holdings values after trades
  • Show canceling status after canceling an order
  • Show spinner components while DEX controls are loading if loading takes longer than a few seconds
  • Update Buy / Sell trade selector to indicate the token symbol to be bought or sold
  • Read claim minimum blocks from contract storage
  • Update Fee calculation (FeePerMatch = baseFee * floor(log2(2*quoteQuantity/minTradeSize))
  • Cause tokens added to be per account rather than a global set of tokens across all accounts
  • Support Ledger use on DEX (maker trades only)
  • Fix an infinite loop that could occur when calculating the depth chart if an orderbook temporarily had a negative spread
  • Support paging for orders list
  • Cause table header for orders list to stay on the top line when scrolling
  • Update trades history immediately upon trade execution (websocket support)
  • Fix websocket not reconnecting properly in certain cases causing order book to not update
  • Various misc order book fixes
  • Misc fixes to deposit / withdraw modal
  • Fixes to taker orders in certain cases where some of the amount was available on the book but would not be matched
Good Luck :)

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