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Friday, August 3, 2018 - Solution to Payroll Payments Using More Efficient Blockchain Tecnology

Make Every Day Payday puts your earnings in your pocket the moment you clock out, not weeks later. Automated, instant payroll on the blockchain. Why wait to get paid?

That's their slogan written on the main page of the official WorkChain website.

The World Works in Real-Time. Payroll Should Too

You did the work today. You deserve to get paid today. Instant earnings for workers. Automated, hassle-free payroll for employers.

Benefits for Workers
  • Freedom From Payroll Cycles
Once you’ve done the work, you decide when payday comes.
  • Instant Pay
Get a handle on bills and avoid late fees with instant access to your earnings.
  • No Employer Signup Required
Employer not signed up? No problem. You can still get paid instantly with a pay advance.

Benefits for Businesses
  • Save Time and Money
Automated blockchain-based payroll does away with admin, processing and banking costs.
  • Works With Most HR Systems
Connect with your existing HR system to manage payroll more efficiently with no added work.
  • More Productive Employees
28% of workers are distracted at work by financial stress. Give them greater financial control and boost productivity.

How it Works?
  • An employee’s hours, shift or attendance is verified through the app
  • Each time they clock out, the earned funds become available for instant withdrawal.
  • pays workers what they’ve earned in stablecoin cryptocurrency.
The Future of Payroll is on the Blockchain
Today, everything’s in real-time and on demand. Except payroll, which is stuck in the Industrial Age. With blockchain technology, we’re creating a faster, more efficient and secure way to pay – and get paid.

Here’s how:
  • Instant, secure stablecoin cryptocurrency payments
  • True decentralization - no banks or third-party processors.
  • Reduced payroll transaction and processing fees.
  • Verified work records for hands-off payroll.
  • Simple transactions with ERC20 utility tokens.
  • Easily cash out crypto payments in any currency.

For More Information About WorkChain

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  2. Thank you for the clarifying article. As a Dummy, I’m still in doubt: are there two differente blockchains after the hardfork? If it’s positive, when I “enter” the Ethereum network, how do I know which one I’m entering? I read here on ICO Pulse they also have some info.

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